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Experienced Web designer

With a ten-year achievement record in Web design and a passion for creating meaningful, appealing, functional, and user-friendly Website.

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Kirk V. | Marketing + Studio Operations at MudPaint.com

Being a freelance WordPress developer for the past five years or so, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many wonderful customers, and Kirk is one of them.

What I Do

Modern Web Design

With a wave of deliberate white space, contemporary internet design is returning to minimalism, much like print magazines.

eCommerce Website

Making an online store your first rule if you want to thrive in our store in 2023 is the same as selling things in 1990.
For your business, get in touch with me. During the past six years, I've constructed and developed numerous eCommerce sites with a 100% success record.

Theme & Plugin Development

Nowadays, WordPress can be used to create any type of website. A wide variety of themes and plugins are available, but there is always room for improvement. To completely address the gap, you must create a plugin or a custom child theme.

Why should you choose me?


Mobile-first design

Nowadays, using the internet on a mobile device is the norm rather than simply a consideration. Mobile traffic has already exceeded desktop traffic globally. Google now automatically indexes all new domains using a mobile-first strategy. We observe that 80% of traffic to many publisher sites comes from mobile, and when we observe data like that, we adopt mobile-first.

To provide a fantastic user experience, we start with mobile devices with mobile-first design. From there, we employ responsive design to expand layouts with progressive enhancement as browser capabilities and sizes rise.


Optimized for Page Speed

A key ranking element in the Google algorithm is page speed. They are aware that users are significantly less likely to find what they’re looking for when their experience is slow, especially on mobile. To enhance user experience, Google advises website owners to pay attention to performance indicators.

By creating specialized WordPress themes with the features and functionality they want, we assist publishers. We adhere to best practices in development to create lean, performant websites devoid of the unnecessary bloat of commercial themes.

Optimized for Page Speed
Designed for Accessibility

Designed for Accessibility and Usability

Accessibility must be taken into account at every stage of the design and development process; it cannot be added as an afterthought. We work hard to create websites that anyone may use without specific equipment or customization.

We follow the WCAG 2.1 AA criteria for typography, color, and contrast while designing. We adhere to WCAG best practices while developing websites to ensure that they are perceivable, operable, intelligible, and interpretable.

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